A downloadable tool for Windows and macOS

Want to add a piano to your next unity game, but want it to do more than just sit there?

This tool has you covered. Featuring a rigged piano that you can feed a MIDI file and will animate accordingly (even the pedals!). It will even animate the keys differently when they are pressed harder.

Try it out with any of the 10 synced MIDI/MP3 files, performed on a piano, and free to use in any of your projects!

*In progress* I hope to add and improve many features in this tool, let me know which ones you would be interested in!

Using the DryWetMidi library.     3D piano model from aqpetteri.

Put your midi files in a folder named "StreamingAssets" (Case Sensitive). That way you can access them in your builds without having to worry about changing file paths.

If you want to rig up a piano model, but the keys are not separate, open the file in blender,  go to edit mode and press P to separate the model by loose parts.

To select only the black/only the white keys, go into the scene view and press on the axes in the top right to go into isometric view. Then you can easily drag to select your keys.

Install instructions


1) Download PianoDemoWindows.zip

2) Unzip it

3) Open Piano Jukebox Demo.exe


1) Download PianoDemoMac.zip

2) Unzip it

3) Open the Application

If the application “can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software”:

a) Open System Preferences ( + Space and search “System Preferences”) and go to Security and Privacy

b) Press Open Anyway

c) Press Open


PianoDemoWindows.zip 326 MB
PianoDemoMac.zip 336 MB
PianoUnityPackage.unitypackage 87 MB
Audio Files.zip

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